Captain's Hook Pair


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The Captain’s Hook is an expandable low-profile solution for hanging your ropes, hoses, paddles, bikes and much more.

If you need a hook to hold things, but want something that won’t stick out and get in the way, then the Captain’s Hook is the solution. Simply screw it to the surface and tie a knot at each end of the cord, simple.

Supplied with stainless steel screws, the 1 metre (3ft) length of cord can be cut shorter if needed. When not in use it is low profile to avoid catching people or clothes.

The Captain’s Hook does not require a RAILBLAZA port for mounting, it comes with the required screws.

Warning: Maximum Weight = 10kg (20lb) per hook. Choose a robust surface for installation, some surfaces may not support maximum load. We do not recommend screwing directly into plasterboard.